About us

Care is a brand name of Confident Dental Laboratory Pvt. Ltd a unit of Confident Dental Equipments Ltd, largest producers of Dental Equipments in India. Confident Dental Laboratory Pvt. Ltd is a Service initiative a brain child of Dr. B. Subashchandra Shetty a doyen and visionary in Indian Dental Industry to bring in world class Dental Laboratory to India. This was started in the year 2000 in Bangalore headed by Dr. M. Shiva Shankar a Prosthodontist.

Dental laboratories worldwide are moving fast towards embracing the digital revolution which is taking over the whole dental laboratory industry. Traditionally dental laboratory work consists of a lot of artistic and manual work like fabricating a wax pattern and investing and casting etc. Therefore the labs were depended on a high skill labour set. Off late this labour set is on the decline because of lack of proper remuneration, not many people opting for this education etc... In India we are faced with other kind of scenario as we are handicapped with no proper technical education and most of the workforce which are available are self taught or learnt by experience of working in a lab. The people who have really acquired a good knowledge are very expensive or have started their own laboratories.

With the advent of CAD CAM in the Dental laboratory it became a rage in India among both the laboratory owners as well as the dentists. But the initial investment deterred many labs from investing. Now with the multinational companies going on a High decibel marketing have made the dentists demanding for digital restorations. Few big labs have invested on a particular company's machines and making a big kill. But the downside of this is that there is an equal nos of cheaper machines with doubtable material entered the market. Also in the present day CAD CAM market is mainly focussed on Zirconia restorations only. But CAD CAM restoration means it is not only zirconia but as well of many products done with different metals also.

With this Background the whole project has been envisaged by Confident Dental equipments. This project is looking holistically into the entire gamut of CAD CAM related works for whole of dentistry. The salient features of this project which we think is going to make this viable are

  1. Pan India presence and Brand image of Confident
  2. Branded quality product backed by our promise & expertise & economic viability
  3. It is entirely supporting the labs as the business model is working with labs only.
  4. Producing not only Zirconia but also other CAD CAM dental works like Implant prosthesis in titanium, surgical guides & orthodontic appliances
  5. Supporting each and every lab regardless of their size so that both of us progress

The whole project is ably supported by Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc. world leaders in the Ceramic technology to bring in world class Zirconia Materials in Katana ML & HT. Additionally facilities for Titanium milling & Rapid Prototying services for fabrication of Cast Partial dentures, Surgical Implant placement guides & orthodontic services has also been added. In short to become a one stop place for all digital needs for dental restoratives.

Further it is also being planned to open up scanning centers in almost 50 places across the length & breadth of the country to usher in a Digital revolution in the Dental Laboratory sector.

The milling center is ably manned by a dedicated team headed by Dr. M. Shiva Shankar who has gained a wealth of knowledge in the CAD CAM world and is considered as an expert and an authority in the field of Digital Dentistry in India. He was the first Dentist in India to be recogonised as a CAD CAM trainer by the International Society of Computerized Dentistry.

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