Guided Implant Surgery


3D virtual implant planning and placement using surgical guides allows the surgeon to plan and place dental implants according to a restoratively driven treatment plan. Patients' underlying bony anatomy and vital structures, as related to the planned dental restorations, are determined before surgery, thus decreasing potential patient morbidity.

Surgical guides allow the placement of implants, with precision and accuracy, according to a predetermined plan. If desired, implants can be placed flaplessly, with predictability. The use of these technologies in planning and placing dental implants greatly benefits the patient and clinician. These technologies are ideal for use in the following cases: the placement of three or more adjacent implants; fully edentulous arches; when implants are planned in close proximity to nerves, teeth, and other vital anatomic structures; immediate-placement and immediate-load cases; complex cases with questionable bone volume and unusual bony contours and anatomy; difficult medical co-morbidities; and patients with physical and emotional issues.